Building the Arlington brand was no small task. I partnered with Jeff Miraglia, Creative Director of Mindset, Inc. to take the research, vision and strategy he developed and craft it visually into the American Dream City. Along the way, Jeff provided the backbone, guidance and voice for what he learned from the people of Arlington, Texas. I lent my talent in presentation design, color theory, marketing and visual expression to walk down the path of creation with him. 
Below you will see mood boards, color and ideas as we crafted the visuals for Arlington's brand. As the voice took shape, different areas of Arlington were heard - from educational institutions, business infrastructure, municipalities and entertainment industries. 
As the vision unfolded the logo was born and visuals started to be solidified. Hard work and dreams were put into this brand and the success of Arlington's brand voice - The American Dream City continues to prove itself and I'm proud to have been a part of the creation. 


The brand campaign and various components of it have won numerous awards at both the national and state level. 
3CMA is the national organization of municipal public communicators. At its annual conference in Atlanta, the brand was recognized with first place awards for best campaign and best recurring videos. We also received a second place award for the brand launch video and a third place award for the city’s new logo.
Statewide recognition came at the Texas Association of Municipal Information Officers annual conference in Houston, where the City of Arlington received more first place awards and more overall awards than any other community in the state. The brand received first place awards for the best public service announcement, best one-time video and best marketing campaign. Second place awards included best website and best education video and we received a third place award for our brand video chapters.
The brand campaign also received an honorable mention for the US Conference of Mayors 2015 City Livability Outstanding Achievement Award.   VIEW ARTICLE


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